Inspector Sign Up & Information

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We are excited to announce the Program Inspector Portal is now open for the FHBA Certified Ratings Program and certified certificates are available! If you are interested in becoming an Accredited Inspector or Accredited Inspection Agency, sign up here.

Registering Inspection Companies & Individual Inspectors

The Program will only accept certification requests and data from Accredited Inspectors approved to participate in the Program. When you first access the Portal, you will be asked to create an inspection company account. Select your company type and add as many individual inspectors as needed. If the inspection company has only one inspector, the individual inspector’s name must still be added to your company’s list of inspectors. 


The FHBA Program accepts inspection agencies and individual inspectors accredited or managing their inspection programs to ISO/IEC 17020:2012 with the proper scope as well as agencies that are IAS Accredited Inspection Agencies with the proper scope. The FHBA Program may also accept BPI Certified Professionals, BPI Raters, certified ICC Residential Energy Inspectors/Plans Examiners, recognized RESNET or FSEC Raters in good standing and FS 468 or 489 license holders for the appropriate scope. The credentials you must upload are any current certificates, accreditations, or other current evidence of good standing which shows knowledge, experience, and qualifications for Program participation. If your company currently operates an accredited management system covering the scope of the Program’s inspections other than 17020, please contact us so we can work with you on what documents to upload.


There is a $50.00 application fee for each inspector. Annually, each Accredited Inspector pays a participation fee of $50.00. The application fee covers the calendar year in which the inspector first applies. Inspection companies pay the application fee for each of their inspectors in the Program, but inspection companies are not currently assessed an application or annual participation fee.

Quality Assurance

The Program allows for unannounced audits by Intertek. These unannounced audits are typical procedures for quality assurance, and part of the Standard Operation Procedures for managing a Certificates of Conformance program. Unannounced audit frequency and fees will depend upon the type of your inspection company and other factors as determined by Intertek. Generally, you should expect at least one unannounced audit annually. 

Onboard Training

Current onboard training webinars will be posted on our Onboard Training Webinars page. Do you have additional questions? Contact Us!