Certified Ratings Program Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic by Offering Builder Engaged Inspections (BEI)
April 7, 2020

We can all agree these are unsettling and uncertain times. As business owners, bosses, employees and suppliers, we are doing the best we can to steer the ships. Our inspectors and support staff remain available and active, following rigorous precautions to handle on-site inspections and keep teams safe. 

So, how do you keep your approvals on track and secure without impeding productivity? 

Builder Engaged Inspections (BEI). We are acting rapidly and when appropriate to give our Builders prioritized access to a full range of services in these times. Builder Engaged Inspections is just one tool for our Builder’s immediate needs.

Builders taking part in BEIs will work with third parties by providing real time inspection data using live video combined with online forms submission to expedite certificates of conformity. Approved BEI Builders leverage existing in-field activities with their contractors and field managers within their timelines and resources. This cooperation can quicken the pace for approvals and keep approval on track. 

Onboarding is how Builders can take part:

  1. Builders apply for BEI. (Agree to terms and conditions and code of ethics.)

  2. Builders assign their BEI Representative who must complete onboarding.

  3. Then the Program makes final BEI determination. 


How BEI works:

  1. Builders register their BEI projects.

  2. Build as before.

  3. BEI Reps schedule a live video while they conduct build quality control (B-QC) and submit final B-QC documents for review. (Third party may also conduct build quality assurance (B-QA).)

  4. Third party approves Certificate of Conformity if the project is acceptable. 


The FHBA’s Certified Ratings Program is arguably your most powerful conformity tool. 


Join us in April for a webinar to learn more about Builder Engaged Inspections. The date and time is TBA.


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