Define and Map Your Procedures

This on demand, self-paced, online webinar module is titled, "Define and Map Your Procedures." It is part of the "Quality Control for Meeting Florida Building Code Requirements" webinar series.

Webinar Description: In this module, we discuss how to define and describe your procedures used to conduct inspections and testing. We also discuss the sequence and interaction of those procedures. Putting those procedures next to each other creates a document we will call the Process Map. The Process Map consists of a flowchart following the steps used for business workflow, with the flowchart used to organize the procedures used for the different steps.

Included Files: 

  • "Introduction to the Triconic Quality System" webinar module
  • "Overview of the Triconic Quality System" webinar module
  • "Define and Map Your Procedures" webinar module
  • Templates: 1) Process Map for the home inspection process; 2) Services List; and 3) Proposed Flowchart Procedures. 

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