How does the Program benefit inspectors?

There are several benefits for inspectors who participate in our Program! For starters, existing raters are welcome. Inspectors will find they can increase efficiency through the Builder Engaged Inspections (BEIs) solution. Inspectors can choose if they would like just one or all of the certificates which are offered.

Additionally, inspection certificates can be received remotely and all inspections received third-party quality assurance by Intertek. Join us today for a simple and easy to use Program!

How can inspectors sign up?

  1. Sign Up and register your company.
  2. Agree to the Program’s terms and conditions.
  3. Upload current copies of your credentials.
  4. Pay the Program’s Accredited Inspector application fee.
  5. Once your credentials are accepted, you will need to complete Accredited Inspector onboard training.

Additional Program Benefits:

  • Energy Rating Index (ERI)
  • Florida Water Star℠
  • Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS)
  • Energy Code & Above Code