Nevada Certified Ratings Program


NEW! We are now operating the Certified Ratings Program in Nevada! We are excited to offer certified energy ratings certificates for new single-family homes, energy rating certificates for homes that are already built, and Water Efficiency Rating System (WERS) rating certificates for buildings.

Quality Assurance

Our trusted partner, Intertek, provides world class third-party quality assurance. Building departments around the state and country already receive millions of certification and evaluation reports from Intertek to prove compliance. The Program makes energy ratings and energy code compliance easy for the builder, energy inspector and the building department.

Make Our Program Yours

We operate in Nevada and Florida, but there is demand in other states for similar services. Whether it’s certified code calculations, a certified blower door test, an Energy Rating Index (ERI) rating or a standalone validated energy inspection, your state too could have our trusted partners provide certificates. 

If you are interested in a Program for your state, click a button below:

The Program accepts inspection agencies and individual inspectors accredited or managing their inspection programs to ISO/IEC 17020:2012 with the proper scope as well as agencies that are IAS Accredited Inspection Agencies with the proper scope. The FHBA Program may also accept BPI Certified Professionals, BPI Raters, certified ICC Residential Energy Inspectors/Plans Examiners, recognized RESNET or FSEC Raters in good standing and FS 468 or 489 license holders for the appropriate scope.