Developing Corrective Action & Preventative Action Plans

This on demand, self-paced, online webinar module is titled, "Developing Corrective Action & Preventative Action Plans." It is part of the "Quality Control for Meeting Florida Building Code Requirements" webinar series.

Webinar Description:In this module, we focus on why examination of non-conformances is essential to the Quality System. Any effective quality process relies upon the concept of discovering errors. The system must have some way of identifying mistakes. These can be through internal processes such as the Inspector using a checklist, a reviewer looking over the project, the certifier seeing something in the submission, an audit, or an external complaint of some kind.  Learn how to build this system and what you do when mistakes come to light.

Included Files:

  • "Introduction to the Triconic Quality System" webinar module
  • "Overview of the Triconic Quality System" webinar module
  • "Developing Corrective Action & Preventative Action Plans" webinar module
  • Corrective Action Procedure template

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